The Halo View is a cool gadget that takes the Halo fitness tracker to the next level.

This early Prime Day deal will have you saving nearly half the price off the Halo View. You can grab this deal until Prime Day ends, which means you’ll have until the end of July 13th.

Track Your Activity With Halo View

The Halo View makes keeping track of your fitness journey so much easier because it features a color display, something that the original Halo misses.

It’s enough to take a glance at the display to know your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken, and how well you slept the night before, for instance. You can also have your band measure up the blood oxygen levels, which is pretty awesome.

The purchase includes access to the Halo universe where you get to enjoy workouts, special, programs, and more. Once the year is up, you’ll have to pay $3.99/month.

The bracelet will use the information it gets from your activity to let you know when the time is right to take a breather to meditate based on how you’ve slept and how much exercising you’ve been doing. It will also use the same info to help you improve the way you move in general.

Since the Halo View also features a display, you can also use it to get text notifications about what you should be doing next. The Halo also works with Alexa, which means you can ask the band for a health summary, activity score, and more. This, however, is an optional feature, as you don’t have to connect the band to Alexa.

You can get the Halo view in multiple colors: Sage Green, Lavender Dream, and Active Black.

Save With Halo View

The Halo View is now $35 less than its regular price, so we’re happy to be able to get it for such a steal.